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Belle découverte rue Wellington


Aller au restaurant un lundi soir comporte certains risques ; épuisement du personnel à la suite d’une fin de semaine très occupée et absence du chef, entre autres. L’expérience peut aussi réserver de belles surprises. C’est ce qui est arrivé au Wellington à Verdun, un lundi soir de printemps bruineux, froid, pluvieux, neigeux, venteux…

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Fine Dining: Wellington is bistro cuisine with flair

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MONTREAL - As there’s no denying cutting-edge dishes are the ones that garner foodie attention, chefs feel pressured to create marvels. In reality, though, the upper echelon of creative restaurants serves the fewest number of diners. Those fortunate enough to experience the molecular, the foraged and the esoteric are but a select group who don’t so much eat out to actually nourish themselves as to put something beautiful and/or exciting into their mouths. For them, dinner isn’t so much a meal as a performance; a night’s entertainment could be either a modern dance show, or the tasting menu at that new molecular Smörgåsbord place.

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